I was born in Genoa, Italy, on march 9, 1953.
My love for colors began very early, with my first “paintings” made on the walls of my childhood home and, later, on in my school notebooks, which contained more colorful graffiti than homeworks.
When I turned 15, my father gave me his Asahi pentax camera, and with that I added photography to my passions.
Colors and photography remained mere hobbies until I moved to New York city, where I lived from the late ‘70s to the early ‘80s.
Soon after my arrival in the City, thanks to fortunate circumstances, I had the opportunity to meet Andy Warhol and some of his “factory” boys.
Some of them, whom became good friends of mine, introduced me into New Yorks’s magic art world.
I then discovered new art, met many artist, visited their studios, galleries and museums.
I realized that art could also be fun, spontaneus, outrageous.
Since then I have never stopped drawing, painting, and taking and manipulating photographs, and above all, continue to experiment.
I hope you enjoy my work…

The transparent wall that separates the Woodstock/New
York period from the Genoa/Gavi period in his life as a
painter is built on impulses that are as contradictory as
they are vital, such as the perception of large spaces, the
limitlessness of the canvas, together with a contained
inner dimension that is poetic-literary and at times
exquisitely graphic. The modes of execution that
physically involve the artist have a performative
dimension which is American in origin, while the quality
of his way of looking at reality and the compositional
outcomes, on the other hand, are European in their
Viana Conti